A competition seeking ideas from youths in Africa but specific for Nigerian youths for now is here:

This competition is in form of answering some questions from a book on Africa development and expects you to give your view or idea using the book as a guide.

1. TITLE OF COMPETITION is My Idea of a New Nigeria.

2. Photo Competition: You create a photo album of Nigeria’s transition from Pre-colonial era to the post colonial era. The best collections wins the ultimate prize. This photo competition is in line with 50th anniversary of Nigeria’s Independence come Oct 1st , 2010. The best photo collections will be given a price. This photo collections will be done on your ADIN facebook page or your personal facebook page. Prizes will be handed out to winners before October 31st, 2010.

Cash Prizes will be given to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th in each competition. There is also a competition for soccer lovers and fans which is coming soon. It is a Fan referral competition and knowledge about the team you support. However, we want you to take part in all these. As long as you participate, you will be compensated even if you don’t win the grand prize. There are guides for the competition in form of an ebook, so you have nothing to fear.


African Development Initiative Network (ADIN) is an organization which is Non-Governmental and with the mandate to see to the bringing up initiatives for creating positive economic changes in Africa and put Africa on the path to achieving economic and capital development. This is usually done by organizing well meaning programs that will ensure this mandate is realized. ADIN carries out this mandate by working hand in hand with relevant ….. Please check on the top of this page to read more from Introduction to what we do to JOB OPPORTUNITIES and so on…


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